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Energy Healing

May 2022

Matt Venuti: The Ultimate Zone Sound Healing Experience

MATT VENUTI (as featured on TED Talk) presents The Ultimate Zone…a music and sound-immersion experience like no other. Attendees will be treated to an instrumental journey through rhythm, melody and resonance and a sonic voyage into subconscious and super-conscious realms. The end result is vitalizing yet calming, heart-opening and inspiring.

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26 May
7:00 pm

NOLA Blacklight Sound Healing Activation©

NOLA BLC Sound Healing Activation© is a sound healing that combines a unique blend of several modalities for optimal healing & deep meditation. This meditation uses a unique blend of composition beats, with crystal instruments, light language, & layers of different healing energies like no other.

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31 May
7:00 pm
June 2022
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