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January 2023

Lemurian Crystal Reiki©

Lemurian Crystal Reiki© is a modality that helps your ascension process by opening the pathways for Higher Consciousness & Enlightenment. This modality blends the technical, spiritual and metaphysical aspects of Lemurian crystals along with the magic of Lemurian Crystal Reiki© Within this class, you will learn how to harness the power of the Lemurian Crystal Reiki© system and crystals used to utilize for your self care Spiritual Practices or for others.

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29 Jan
11:30 pm
February 2023

Angelic Alchemy: Archangel Michael Blacklight Sound Healing Activation©

Join us for 1 of 7 Angelic Alchemy Series. We will be working with a different angel each month connecting to their energies, learning more about what they help us with & how they can help along our journey. Class includes an Angelic Sound Healing Activation© with Light Language, crystal quartz instruments & specially composed angelic frequencies. .

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16 Feb
7:00 pm

Ancestral Healing Workshop

This workshop explains the different Karmic patterns, how to recognize them, how to heal past them, how to break Karmic contracts, wounds & cycles. A Karma/DNA Reiki activation is also included to help release and clear residual energies to help one progress forward.

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18 Feb
6:00 pm

2/22 New Moon Blacklight Sound Healing Activation©

Join us this New Moon to create dreams into realities as we shift our energies in to alignment for Divine Intention. This will be a time to bask & glow in what makes you happy setting the tone for Manifestations & beginnings with Crystal quartz instruments, Light Language & specially composed Binaural frequencies.

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23 Feb
7:00 pm

Kundalini Breathwork: Clear Your Karma BLC Sound Healing Act.©

 This Kundalini Breathwork Sound Healing Activation© will teach a combination of techniques from Kundalini Breathwork/Movement & Mantras, Vocal Toning w/ a Sound Healing Act.© that will help you remove karmic energies & Ancestral trauma connecting you with the spiritual force of Kundalini to help you release.

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27 Feb
7:00 pm
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