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June 2022

New Moon Quantum Breath Shift© w/ COCO

A Quantum Shift Breath© session is a powerful, multidimensional combination of breathing, specifically designed music, movement, and Quantum Shift healing techniques. Through this deceptively simple and pleasant experience, the participant will experience profound energy shifts, be able to access greater awareness, your own intuitive knowing, and release old self-defeating patterns and habits.

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28 Jun
7:00 pm
July 2022

Kundalini Breathwork Meditation: Reset the Nervous System

When you learn how to regulate your Nervous System, you are in charge of your healing, stability, emotional & physical well being helping your energy & aura strong. This workshop will teach a combination of techniques from Kundalini Breathwork & meditation, Mantras, and exercises that will help you gain the confidence you need to help reset your Nervous system back to its original state and to continue forward with your daily life.

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25 Jul
7:00 pm
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